Frostfall Bridge

   Heavy gauge aluminium        yellow diamond warns

DANGER    rope bridge swings     teeters over a swift

    river       maple leaves   clasp to the skirt of the bank    

sodden       slip on them you’ll      USE AT OWN RISK

    slip under           yellow-orange-red     flutter on the edge

of a thin       branch      questioning whether to go       to risk

or wait                 reminisce of what was          it falls      


onto the bridge    a 6am air wakens    sharp     still     stiller

brown       tinged translucent        grey       highlighted gold

     crisp happiness        between frosting           wood

cracked       would where        feet get used to steps

    breaks       rope-burn the         white knuckles in

  suspension      at own risk   river newly       arctic

WATCH FOR ICE ON BRIDGE            slipstep


stride into white      leave your mark      footprints in

 snow         suffocated maple            contrast of new

          unconscious life      undisrupted      untainted 

  the river            distant river       begins to crack

but      yellow diamond DANGER         is past    fallen

    bare branch           embryonic shoots      sleep wait

feet get used          to steps          to steps          to steps


By Isabel Tyldesley

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