Commercial Considerations for 7TV: Lurkers from the Deep

7TV: Lurkers from the Deep: Entry Four.

Something I hadn’t considered when working on 7TV: Pulp was how to make a game commercially viable. As the project manager for Lurkers, it was at the forefront of my mind. How do we appeal to Lovecraft fans? How do we appeal to existing 7TV fans?

For fans of Lovecraft, we aimed to create a narrative experience that evokes the tone of the source material: ‘The Shadow Over Innsmouth’.

In true Lovecraft style, there is a slow creep of horror from the mundane to the otherworldly as the G-Men fight their way through the dilapidated settings Innsmouth is infamous for; the Hotel, the Docks, the Devil’s Reef.

In 7TV, players often create the narrative themselves, re-creating their favourite cinematic tropes through the mechanics and the cards we provide them with. It was commercially important for us to make Lurkers more than just a story.

As mentioned in our first Lurkers development entry, 7TV  players were keen for for sanity mechanics; and they’re a staple for the Lovecraft genre. Developed by Jake Litherland, the sanity mechanics are exclusive to Lurkers. They follow Lovecraft’s style of permeating panic, with the increasing opportunity for more Sanity checks as the narrative progresses.

We also wanted to provide an exciting game for players who aren’t interested in the Cthulhu Mythos.

Lurkers is the first consequential forking-path narrative written for the 7TV game system. The next episode’s location is dependent on the winner of the previous episode. The multiple paths through Marshport and the consequential repercussions in-between allows for re-playability.

We were also attentive in making each episode unique, and not just your typical Battle. Play begins with the G-Men running guns-blazing into Marshport, racing for entry before the Corrupt Cops blow the only known entrance into the town. And that’s just the first Episode…

In Lurkers, there is something for every player, whether a Lovecraft fan, a 7TV fan, or if you are new to both.

Join us later this week for our final entry: developing the narrative of Lurkers.

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