7TV: Lurkers from the Deep – Expanding the Team

7TV: Lurkers from the Deep: Entry Three.

When Conor Dwyer and I began our placement, we were the only two developers for 7TV: Lurkers from the Deep. Initially, we planned for Lurkers to be a short Campaign Guide, consisting of 3-6 episodes linked by a common narrative, with new sanity mechanics thrown into the mix.

However, two months into development, Conor and I began to have increasingly complex ideas that took us beyond the 3-6 episodes. Lurkers was quickly turning from a simple Campaign to a consequential forking-path narrative with a total of twelve playable episodes.

Amongst our studies and work on 7TV: Fantasy, Conor and I found we did not have time to create the game we now envisioned; and we weren’t happy to settle for less. And so, after talking to Karl Perrotton and our colleagues from 7TV: Pulp, we decided to expand our team to include the minds of Dr. Peter Wright, Jake Litherland, and Callum France.

From December 2019, we decided that I would take the role of Project Manager, overseeing the narrative and general operation of the project. Conor would become the Senior Designer, managing the game mechanics for Lurkers. Jake Litherland became our resident Lovecraft expert, writing Profile Cards, Sanity mechanics, and helping to finalise the narrative. Callum France took charge on designing new Chapter rules for the Episodes, and the Perils and Maguffins that came with. Dr. Peter Wright focussed his attention on creating the preliminary “fluff” and production notes, as well as also assisting in the finalisation of the narrative.

In its alpha stage, 7TV: Lurkers from the Deep includes:

  • 12 Episodes, with a variety of paths throughout;
  • 22 bespoke Profile Cards;
  • new Sanity mechanics;
  • 12 Mania Cards;
  • 12 Lore Cards;
  • new Peril Cards;
  • and new Maguffin Cards.

But any of this could change after playtesting, as we move into beta…

Next post: Commercial considerations in Lurkers.

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