Something Lurks in the Depths…

7TV: Lurkers from the Deep: Entry One.

But – wait – what is 7TV: Lurkers from the Deep?

Rising up in 2020, 7TV: Lurkers is a Campaign Guide in expansion to 7TV: Pulp. Join a squad of specialist G-Men in their mission to find their missing comrades in decrepit Marshport. Throughout a series of linked scenarios, and a town in cahoots with an Elder God; what Division 19 discover is much more dire…

It all started at an Expo…

7TV: Pulp was published back in May 2019, at the UK Games Expo.

Left to right: Steven Kenny, Callum France, Jake Litherland, Dr. Peter Wright, Isabel Tyldesley, Natalie McCulloch, Eve Lewis, Conor Dwyer.

Conor Dwyer and I where sat on the Expo floor, a few metres from the Crooked Dice stand, watching people play Pulp. We knew we each had to do a placement for our ‘The Writer’s Life’ module at Edge Hill, and plans for 7TV: Fantasy were still up in the air.

We just weren’t ready to let 7TV go.

So – with remarkable levels of energy for towards the end of the Expo – we hurried over to the Lord of Crooked Towers, Mr. Karl Perrotton himself, and made a proposal: What if we did our placement for Crooked Dice, and developed a Pulp expansion?

Pictured: UK Games Expo 2019.

It wasn’t until July’s 7TV: Pulptastic! day ran by Wargames Illustrated at Wargames Foundry that we got a solid idea of what that expansion might be. At the event, there was on common thing players kept asking for: More Lovecraft. More Insanity.

Plans began to lurk in the depths of Crooked Towers…

Conor and I became first-time managers of our own project. It wouldn’t be until December that we expanded the team to include the minds of Jake Litherland, Callum France, and Dr Peter Wright. The game revealed itself to be greater than we could comprehend…

Roll for Spirit. Return next week to see how we set about tackling Lovecraft’s works in the modern day!

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